How to use PUNI-RUBBER / the next generation of Tairaba

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The PUNI-RUBBER is a realistic squid-shaped soft lure with an integrated in-line sinker and hooks.

Developed in Japan, the PUNI-RUBBER is very popular in Asia because it gets a good response from large fish. 
Even beginners can catch fish easily with this.


This article introduces the features of PUNI-RUBBER and how it is used.  

Features of PUNI-RUBBER

Realistic shape and super elastic material create a unique wave motion.

PUNI-RUBBER looks and moves just like a real squid in the water.  

The fins and ten arms (including tentacles) move fascinatingly in the water and appeal fiercely to the target.

When reeling in PUNI-RUBBER, the hooks are well hidden in the arms, which makes it easy for the target
to take it in the mouth without any hesitation.
The big eyes are also very appealing to them.

We are particular about its falling posture as well as the way it is reeled up.
The way it sinks in a horizontal position is just like a real squid!

Since the sinker is covered by the soft and elastic material, the sound of the lure landing on the sea bottom
is extremely natural. This won't give unnecessary pressure to fish. 

Four fins makes lively wave motion when it falls and is reeled up.    

Squid smell and soft material for deep bite

The squid-shaped lure suit is blended with squid extract to appeal to the target with its strong smell.

This lure suit and sinker of the PUNI-RUBBER are integrated into a single unit, making it possible to get a bite without making fish feel uncomfortable.

No choice of target

PUNI-RUBBER is recommended to anyone who wants to catch fish with conventional Tairaba(Tai-rubber). 
The target is not only sea bream as a main target, but also blue-skinned fish, flounder, tilefish, and rockfish, etc.

How to set and use PUNI-RUBBER

How to set

Setting up PUNI-RUBBER is very simple - just tie to your line. 
No need to adjust the sinker nor hooks attached.  

How to use

Basically you just drop it into the water and reel in. Tie and lure suit receive water and move fascinatingly and appeal to fish.  

PUNI-RUBBER gets bite even in falling, so don't miss any bite!

Situations in which PUNI-RUBBER is used effectively 

When the target is feeding on squid, PUNI-RUBBER works the most effective!  

If conventional Tairaba(Tai-rubber) is not appealing to the target fish and get no bite,
PUNI-RUBBER can break the situation.

PUNI-RUBBER has bigger appearance than standard Tairaba(Tai-rubber) even with the same weight
and can swim far from the boat by allowing the current to carry it far. 
Therefore, even when the tide is slow and the line between the PUNI-RUBBER and the rod is not angled well,
it is possible to pull the line in a more oblique direction than with a normal Tairaba.

PUNI-RUBBER is a great jig to try when you have a reaction but fish don't bite.

The hooks are free to move, rotate and be detached, making it easy to replace skirts and other parts,
as well as preventing hooks from tangling with each other. 
The hooks are thick cobra head hooks and are attached at discrete heights.


Which to choose from 7 color variations

PUNI-RUBBER currently comes in seven different colors, which can be divided into three categories.

  • GLOW  (Blue Glow Glitter / Green Glow Glitter)
    They are to be used for the first cast or when running in deep water.
    The glow color appeals to fish without showing their shape bigger.
  • UV  (UV Pink / UV Clear / UV Orange)
    Perfect when getting a bad reaction to GLOW type or when the tide is muddy. 
    UV makes its silhouette look bigger as opposed to GLOW type.
  • NATURAL  (Chartreuse / Pumpkin)
    If you want more presence in the water, Chartreuse is the best. 
    Pumpkin is to give less appeal.  

Replacement hook set for PUNI-RUBBER

Replacement hook set for PUNI-RUBBER is also available.
The leader length has been optimized perfectly for PUNI-RUBBER.

The hook points are set near the arms, where fish usually bites, so you won't miss any short bites.

Sea Hunter No. 8 is used as its leader.  The hooks are cobra head hooks that have great penetration. 
The thick shaft of the hooks realizes a reliable hooking even if a monster sized sea bream or a large blue-skinned fish bites. 
You can add your favorite ties etc.  

Replacement lure suit for PUNI-RUBBER

A replacement lure is also available for when the it deteriorates or the scent fades.  

This squid-shaped lure suit is for PUNI-RUBBER 40g, 60g and 80g.  

The color lineup is the same as that of PUNI-RUBBER.  You can use the lure suit of different color. 

Enjoy the unique combinations and expand your color rotation!

Puni-Rubber Jigs

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