Xtrada freestyle Octopus Skirt Value Pack / Falda Pulpo

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Octopus Skirt / Tako (Octopus) Bait - Pack of 3 Skirts

The Xtrada freestyle Octopus Skirt is made in Japan quality from new material and comes in a three piece package! It has similar elasticity / feel to a real Octopus. It is made from biodegradable elastomer with a Squid flavor blended in.
4.5cm Long

Falda de Pulpo para Xtrada Inchiku!

3 pulpos para Xtrada Inchiku. Hecho en Japón de material super novedosa.
4 variedades de color a elegir.
OB Brown, Orange ( Fotolumiscente), Pink ( Fotoluminiscente), Blanco ( Fotoluminiscente).

4,5 cm de largo