Rattle Sticks 25, 37, 50

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Attract fish with sound!

These rattle sticks in 3 sizes can be used with Metal Jacker jigs, Puni-Ika series, Customizable Hex Sinker, Inchiku and Kemihotaru Tenya Kodan in our product line. 

If your target is not interested in the glow, try rattle instead!

The rattle sound = vibration is transmitted faster and further in the water than in the air and this attracts fish very well.  

Using included attachment tapes/tubes/holders, you can "arm" your jigs to lure your target!



Rattle Stick 25 (Size: 2.9 x 23mm)

Compatible with : Metal Jacker, Metal Jacker SJ, Customizable Hex Sinker, Puni-Ika, Puni-Ika Xwing, Puni-Ika Wave, Inchiku, Tenya Kodan

5 Sticks, 2 Plastic tubes, 2 Holders, Double-sided tape

Rattle Stick 37 (Size: 4.5 x 37mm)

Compatible with : Metal Jacker RAIZIN

4 Sticks, 2 Plastic tubes, Holder

Rattle Stick 50 (Size: 6.0 x 50mm)

3 Sticks, 2 Plastic tubes, Holder