Metal Jacker CJ Copper Tiger Jig

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This CJ "Crazy Jet" series are the rear-balanced jigs and earns the longest flying distance among the Metal Jacker series.  
Pre-hooked with single hook (with pink tinsel skirts) and treble hook at the rear.
Like the other Metal Jackers, CJ also has a cavity to hold a rattle stick (included) or a glow stick (not included).  
Appeals to the target just by simple retrieving action, one-pitch jerk or slow-pitch jerk.
Available in 4 weights and 11 fascinating colors.
Target fish : Blue-skin fish, cutlass fish, rock fish, sea bass and flat fish.

Length and Weight


21g (3/4oz):75mm
28g (1oz):80mm
35g (1 1/4oz):87mm
42g (1 1/2oz):93mm