Puni-Ika Squishy Squid X-WING

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The Puni-Ika X-wing is manufactured with a hollow body. This enables you to add many different kinds of liquids, baits, rigs, and Starlites to the lure, creating the ultimate attraction. Adding a chemical light stick to this lure not only attracts the attention of fish, it also helps the angler follow it through the darkness during cast and reel.

3  pcs/ pack
Size: 90 mm
Weight : 6 g

Tamaño más grande de la familica Puni-Ika.
Por su diseño ahuecado permite introducir facilmente en su interior los materiales adicionales, incluyendo luz química.

3 unidades / paquete
Tamaño :  90 mm
Peso : 6 g