Metal Jacker Type B Glow Jig

Metal Jacker Type B Glow Jig

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New Release ---Metal Jacker Type B in 5 colors!

This Type B metal jig comes with an assist hook & treble tail hook.  
Like the other Metal Jacker series, it has a hollow in the body for the rattle or glow stick setting.  

Front hook:
Glow tinsel skirt appeals  to the target fish even in the dark water.

Tail hook:
Rust-proof and heavy-duty treble hook ensures your catch.

You can attach a treble hook here to increase your catch rate.  
(Remove the front hook when you attach a hook here to avoid tangling.)

Metal Jacker has an integrated stick cavity to hold the Rattle Stick 25 (included) or Starlite SL-5 (not included).  The rattle stick produces the same pitch of sound that crustaceans are preyed upon.  The Starlite glow stick attracts fish under cloudy weather or in deeper water than 40 meters.  

Appeal to the target by simple retrieving action, one-pitch jerk or slow-pitch jerk to create a sliding action or letting the rattle stick make sound while high pitch jerk.  

* This item takes 2 weeks for the delivery. Thank you for your kind understanding.**